Monday, December 7, 2009

December Story: La Befana

I just finished a gig at a Yule Fair last weekend where Shayne and I performed the Winter Tales show. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the laptop to work properly, so it couldn't be recorded. On December 12th at 6pm (Cafe 92 degrees in NDG), we'll be doing a full version of that show including a couple of invited tellers, so I will definitely record that show one way or the other.

But about this story posting, La Befana. I picked this story up from a collection by Carolyn McVickar Edwards called The Return of the Light. The word "Befana" means Epiphany: that moment when seemingly disconnected ideas come together. Not only is it a beautiful story for the season, but it reminds us how the promise of beauty can inspire us to spread beauty to others.

Happy Yule, Happy Winter Solstice, Merry Christmas.

La Befana (6:10 minutes)
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