Thursday, December 9, 2010

Guest Teller: Doug "The Ferryman" Thew

A few months ago, my bardic brother Doug Thew asked for permission to tell a story that I'm well-known for telling. I was flattered and honored to be asked and agreed immediately. The story is not mine to keep, but I'm always happy to hear that other people are actively passing these stories along, keeping them alive.

Doug was asked to tell a story at Sammy and Greg's wedding reception in Ontario. I didn't know the newly wed couple very well, but I did know a great many people who were there, so I asked my sweet friend Marie to record the performance.

Marie used her Blackberry to record the telling of this story, so the quality isn't very good, but you can clearly hear Doug's telling of the story. Initially, I just wanted to hear how Doug would deal with this story, but it also amused me to no end that Doug would know that I was listening (in an ethereal, big-brother way).

Upon listening to the recording, I was so impressed at how Doug made this story his own. This wasn't Doug telling my story: this was The Ferryman telling his story. I was in awe, but it also reminded me that I've gotten a bit too comfortable with my version of this story. It wouldn't hurt the tale to change it up once in awhile, to experiment with a tale I know very well.

So before I pass this story onto you, I would like to thank Doug for honoring me with such a fine retelling of this story. I hope you enjoyed telling it as much as loved hearing it, brother.

Love and Madness as told by Doug "The Ferryman" Thew(9:31 minutes)
Copyright© 2010 John David Hickey