Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Mad Cooking Skillz

Yes, I have a smoke detector, but it is not attached to the ceiling. It sits on top of my microwave, which sits on top of my fridge. Sometimes, the detector sits on the top shelf of my kitchen shelves. It sits high up, that's the take away.

It's a sensitive soul. I suspect my detector was designed by a millennial: thoughtful, sensitive, easily triggered, but has weird timing.

But what my smoke detector does not understand is that a certain amount of smoke is acceptable while cooking. Yes, during some of my more creative cooking sessions, my kitchen might look like a bar with a broken air filter, before smoking was banned. But smoke is perfectly acceptable when being creative in your cooking, that's the take-away.

But my detector has no appreciation for that. It's a sensitive soul and gets easily triggered when it detects too much smoke.

Frankly, I feel judged when it screams at me and that's unkind. I'm trying to create! I don't need a single tone repeated at me endlessly! So rude!

So that's when my overly-sensitive, easily-triggered detector needs a time-out. Despite it's good natured-protests, it gets taken down and gently placed in the refrigerator until it calms down.

It's nice and quiet in the refrigerator. The detector continues to protest, but eventually, it rethinks its poor life decisions and calms down. Then I take it out and put it back on the high ground so it can look down on me again, in it's snooty way.

My smoke detector is a vital member of my household and I appreciate it, despite the fact that it has unreasonable ideas about my mad cooking skillz.

That's the take-away.
Copyright© 2010 John David Hickey