Thursday, September 9, 2010

Guest Poem: Peach Creamed Honey

A month ago, I attended a spoken word event called Wired on Words (hosted by Ian Ferrier) at Casa Del Popolo. I met up with my friend Ruthanne who told me about the event and I met her friend Amal El-Mohtar. Amal is a poet from Ottawa who has recently published a book of poetry called "The Honey Month".

After hearing her read from her book, I immediately purchased a copy and I love it. With her kind permission, I have recorded a poem from her book called Day Two. What's cool about this collection of poetry is its origins (from her website):

28 days there are in the month of February, a cold month in our part of the world, a month in which the summer seems an endless dream one had once, long ago. We should not be tricked by the frost, for it was during the dreaming month of February that Amal El-Mohtar composed The Honey Month, a book that tastes and smells of sun. Each day she uncapped a vial of honey, letting the brew inspire the words that became this book. Amal offers us much more than poetry and prose, however. Her words wrap around us like spiderwebs, gently pulling us into the web she weaves, where honey girls tempt and tease us, where things lost return and sorrow paints the leaves. This is a colourful book, but it is by no means a frivolous one. Remember, not all honey is sweet.

To read more about this book and its authoer, please visit Papaveria Press. The music is called La Vibora by The Paperboys from the The Road to Ellenside album.

Day Two of The Honey Month (3:14 minutes)
Copyright© 2010 John David Hickey