Thursday, March 24, 2011

Storytelling in April/May 2011

Join storytellers JD “Hobbes” Hickey and Marie Bilodeau, with Shayne Gryn on strings, for an evening full of wonder, drama, laughter, music, and downright silliness.

This is Hobbes and Marie’s whirlwind, cross-country, two-city tour. They kick-off this storytelling tour-de-force in Montreal (April 17th) and end it in Ottawa (May 14th)! Crazy schedule! Even though they’ll surely be hoarse by the time they reach Ottawa in May, you can be sure that all they’ll want to do is tell more tales.

Marie Bilodeau, author of the “Heirs of a Broken Land” trilogy and “Destiny’s Blood” —
TaelStrum (Hobbes & Shayne) —

Montreal show:
April 17th, 7pm to 9pm
Hurley’s Irish pub
1225 Crescent St, Montreal
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Ottawa show
May 14th,
Maxwell’s Bistro & Club
340 Elgin, Ottawa, ON
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Really big PJs

Today on International Women's Day, I posted this music video by Storm Large called "8 Miles Wide" on my Facebook page to celebrate the fantastical presence of the strong women in my life (Warning: contains some adult language and images):

I was chatting with my friend Kat about the song and how catchy it is, but how it's not really kid-friendly. She then came up with a kid-friendly title of "My Pyjamas are 8 Miles Wide", which inspired me to rewrite the lyrics as follows:

My Pajamas are 8 Miles Wide
Based on Storm Large's "8 Miles Wide"
Lyrics by JD Hickey (March 2011)
Inspired by K. Summerbell

All of my life
They've never fit
But I won't complain and I won't quit
I'm ready for bed
So get over it
Everyone tells me I'm too much
Maybe it's just its not big enough for me
Can't you see
I'm gonna wrap myself up and be comfy

My pajamas are 8 miles wide
Absolutely everyone can come inside
If you can't cuddle, just run and hide
My pajamas are 8 miles wide

Tell me what is comfortable to you
Soft like cloud, strong like a suit
It's cool if it's snugly
But way better if it's cute
For all of those who'd rather sexy lingerie
I say go Amazonian
You can be slip into a Tarzan jammies
And be feminine


When I snuggle in bed and I close the door
I pull up the sheets and I want to warm
My super comfortastically mystical feminine goddess-core
And I hate it when women make those rants
About tank tops, boxers, or pants
There's nothing quite like cotton
To kick-start an all-night romance

My pajamas
They're universal
Soft like a house coat
But transportable
Sit next to me, the hot cocoa's fine
They're not my pajamas
They're our pajamas

[harmony chorus]
[just the boys]

A big soft hug
A big soft hug

If I ever get anyone into it, it would be a blast to record our own video and put it on YouTube. Another project to work on...
Copyright© 2010 John David Hickey