Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rehearsals and Recordings

Okay, okay... I'm already going to bend the rules of this blog.

Last night, I met with Shayne and we worked on a few stories together. Shayne is playing his guitar while I tell to add an extra dimension to the performance. Ultimately, I'm hoping that Shayne and I will be able to work out a whole show (1.5 hours or so) of stories and music that we can bring to a theatre near you!

Also, I got to try out my new condenser microphone to record the rehearsal. It recorded everything very well, but I need to adjust the recording volume a bit better next time. There's a fair bit of distortion in some parts that I'll need to dial it back a bit to get a better recording.

So here's my first story post to this blog as told by Hobbes and with music provided by Shayne. My thanks go to Dylan from whom I first heard this story.

Lex and the Devil (9 minutes)

Please leave me any feedback you wish! I hope you enjoy this story!


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