Friday, January 1, 2010

Story and Truth in 2010

Happy New Year to everyone who has blessed us with their company as we shorten our roads! I hope that you had a happy, safe, and memorable celebration and put 2009 to bed. Let's get this 2010 show on the road and I hope it's filled with great adventures and stories.

I thought it would start the year off well if I shared a bit of Truth and Story with all of you. This is a story I told at the wildly successful 92 degrees of Winter show I did in December 2009. The food was filling, the tales were inspiring, and the company was beyond compare. I'm putting together another show for February for Valentine's day called 92 degrees of Love. Stay tuned and maybe we'll see you there!

This was the first story of the evening (with Shayne Gryn on guitar) and I'm seriously considering making it a regular part of my performance. My friend Christina and her son Hunter were in the front row and Hunter was decidedly NOT enjoying himself, but the timing of the wail of discontent was too perfect to not include in the recording. As a performer, you just have to roll with what happens, which is the beauty of live performance.

If this story sounds familiar, you may remember that I wrote it out in May 2009.

News: This story was published on my new CD "The Bard's New Hat". Read more about it on my website.

Truth and Story (3:12 minutes)


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