Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August Story: The Maiden and the Mirror

I'm starting to run out of recordings to post! That's the summer for you: storytelling tends to be an activity for the Autumn/Winter months when people are happy to be indoors, snuggled up next to a fire. Unfortunately, due to a bunch of mishaps, I wasn't able to record my final show at Hurleys, which is a damn shame 'cause it was awesome. I hope you were able to make it.

The Bard's New Hat CD is selling bit by bit and I'm getting great feedback on it. I'm more than half-way to my goal of 180 CDs sold, so that's encouraging. I'm trying to schedule some shows in Ottawa and Quebec city in the coming months, so stay tuned to this website and we might be able to bring our stories to a cafe/pub near you!

Today's story was taken from a collection of bedtime stories called 365 Bedtime Stories by Christine Allison. It was recorded in Montreal in February 2010 at Cafe 92 Degrees with the mystical Shayne Gryn on guitar. It's one of those poignant stories that moves me, but it's not a traditional plot-driven tale. It reminds me of a painting that is so moving, you can't stop finding new aspects to it.

I'd also like to dedicate this story to Isaac Bonewits who is resting quietly in his home and waiting for his time to come. Isaac is a favorite author of mine and I had the pleasure to meet him in late 2009 in Ottawa at a speaking engagement. In late 2009, he was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. He went through several treatments over the following months, and although the treatments were going well, things have taken a turn for the worse.

The latest note from his partner Phaedra Bonewits (taken from Facebook):
Just wanted to address the rumors that Isaac is back in the hospital. He is at home as he had wished, but he is nearing the end. His brothers and sisters are on their way to say goodbye. Please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers.

You can read more about this on his blog and Facebook fan page:

Unlike Lilly Chen, I don't pretend to think that Isaac was goodness itself. But I know that he's been a positive influence on many, many people through his books and just by being who he is. I wish him a smooth and painless passage to the Summerlands and offer my sympathies to his wife Phaedra and I hope she leans on her family and friends during this difficult time.

Update from Phaedra Bonewits (!/isaac.phaedra.bonewits):
This morning, August 12, 2010 at approximately 8 AM ET, Isaac Bonewits passed away peacefully in his sleep. All his brothers and sisters arrived at his side last night. His family and friends surround him

The Maiden & the Mirror -- Told by JD Hickey (4:55 minutes)


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