Thursday, January 20, 2011

More of My Tales on YouTube

I haven't been telling too many tales lately, so I don't have new stories to post on the blog. But I do have a few shows coming up in 2011, so I might have the opportunity to record some new stories. I've been spending the rest of my time trying to learn new stories.

I will be telling tales on February 11th in NDG at Casa Maura along with Sarah Comrie and Jack Nissenson. The performance costs $40 and includes a full meal (bring your own wine). Seating is limited to 45 people, so please contact Casa Maura and reserve your tickets today!

Tales from House of Maura
Friday, February 11th 2011
Casa Maura (6290 Somerled, NDG)
7pm - 10pm
(514) 482-0777
Facebook Event page

Back in October 2010, I told a couple of tales at a fundraiser in Atwater Library and to my amazement and great pleasure, it was videotaped! The person who shot the performance provided me with the videos and I was able to upload it to my YouTube channel. Enjoy!


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