Saturday, June 4, 2011

TaelStrum gets rave reviews!

After our one show at the Montreal Fringe Festival 2011, here's one of the reviews we got:

Reviewed by Gaëtan L. Charlebois
I had actually gone to the venue to see After The Storm but, as happens during the Fringe, there was a switcheroo and I found myself in this other show once again involving music man Shayne Gryn. I'm game for damn near anything in the Fringe and hoped that whatever Gryn et al. would offer would make up for the ugly space. Generally it did, though I am not a fan of story telling. David Hickey, the raconteur, has a good repertoire, though, and Gryn's accompaniment and occasional lovingly played and sung solos made the hour pass quickly and well. The duo play together at bars and pubs around the city, and elements of both their work will be part of the show I did not get to see, After the Storm.
 Awesome! We're so excited!


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