Friday, August 23, 2013

Quality storytelling does actually matter

I'm blogging this here so that I can find it later easily, but I love what this guy does with the Star Wars prequels. Focusing on Anakin over all three movies was a huge mistake and made the stories suck in a colossal way.

Also, teenage Anakin was a dick from beginning to end, so when he made the transition to the Dark Side, there's no feeling of tragedy or loss. The animated series The Clone Wars dealt with this transition much better than the movies ever did.

Take a look at how BelatedMedia rewrites the first two prequels and you'll see brilliant storytelling at work.

What if Star Wars: Episode 1 were good?

What if Star Wars: Episode 2 were good?


Nicole said...

Ok, that's a seriously awesome Episode 1. I want to watch it. :)
Have you heard about the Machete Order? The explanation is really good and goes into character archs and everything. I haven't watched it in machete order yet but it's on my to do list.

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