Sunday, April 4, 2010

April Story: The Giant's Garden

Seeing as it is Easter Sunday for many people, I've decided to post my version of Oscar Wilde's classic tale The Selfish Giant. As I recall, I would often watch the animated version of this story around Easter, so I always associate it with Spring. You can read more about the animated film on Wikipedia or watch it on YouTube.

The same production house (Potterton Productions) also produced The Littlest Mermaid and The Happy Prince. I really need to learn the Happy Prince someday.

I told this story to a small audience at Cafe 92 Degrees in Montreal during a show called 92 Degrees of Foolishness. It was a great night of tales and music and I thank everyone who was able to share that evening with us. The magical, mystical Shayne Gryn can be heard providing the music ambiance.

Happy Easter Sunday everyone and welcome to Spring.


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