Friday, April 16, 2010

Commentary from "Standing Stone and Garden Gate"

My good friends Brendan and Juniper have a podcast called Standing Stone and Garden Gate where they discuss music, tea, and spiritual/philosophical topics. They are kooky and fun.

In episode eight of their podcast, they interviewed a friend of mine who spoke of the power of the bards and their role in modern society. It was a great interview, but I disagreed with a central point and posted a comment on their website.

In episode ten of their podcast, Brendan read my comment and commented upon it. With their permission, this is the segment in which they talk about my comment.

Bardic Commentary (4:44 minutes)


Anonymous said...

Is that Brendan Meyers? I had no idea he had a podcast!

JD Hobbes said...

I'm glad I've been able to let you know about their podcast!

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