Friday, May 21, 2010

Bard's New Hat is now in Beta!

I've made six copies of my upcoming CD The Bard's New Hat and I've been distributing them to people to review. I feel good about this CD, but I've been working on it for months, so I'm worried I can't be objective about it. I've seen enough questionable artistic endeavors that gave me pause and had me wondering "Did you get anyone else's opinion before you decided this was your Final Draft?" Before I make 1000 copies of this CD, I want to have a chance to get some feedback.

So if you've gotten a copy of this Beta CD, here are the things I want you to consider when reviewing it:
1. Is the collection of stories enjoyable?
2. Are there any stories you really don't like?
3. Do you like the order in which the stories are presented?
4. Are the volume levels okay? Can you hear everything clearly?
5. Did you listen to the whole CD in one shot, or did you take breaks between stories?
6. Do you find the music distracting or complementary?
7. Does the CD leave you wanting to hear more stories?
8. Would you recommend this CD to friends?
9. Would you recommend this CD to children? If so, what age level?
10. Is there anything you found inappropriate or offensive?

This list is just an example of the type of feedback I'm looking for. Anything you have to suggest would be welcome: don't worry about hurting my feelings, but try to be constructive with your feedback.

Please send all of your feedback to me by email at mtlbard [at symbol] If you could get me your feedback by the 26th of May, that would be great.


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